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With VRGL's Risk Tolerance and Statement Aggregation features, you'll have all the information you need to WOW and WIN - in just a few clicks. 


Complete Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

Upload Investment Statements

Integrate Investment Models & Strategies

Generate Compelling Proposals

Complete Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

Invite your prospect or client to complete a turnkey Risk Tolerance Questionnaire or craft fully customized risk assessments.

Upload Investment Statements

Drag and drop your prospect's or client's investment statements directly into VRGL.

Integrate Investment Models & Strategies

Reduce errors by integrating your firm's existing investment models and strategies to show your prospect's the impact of a portfolio transition.

Generate Compelling Proposals

In as short as a few minutes, VRGL extracts and analyzes all relevant information, giving you the data and risk profile information you need to build the optimal investment proposal.

VRGL Risk Tolerance


Key Risk Tolerance Features

VRGL Risk Tolerance

Turnkey Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

Efficiently assess each prospect's or client's risk tolerance in minutes with 15 industry researched risk tolerance questions measuring both risk appetite and time horizon.

VRGL Risk Tolerance

Custom Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

Personalize the risk assessment process and differentiate your firm's approach to risk and investment allocation by creating tailored questionnaires that align with your organization's risk frameworks.

VRGL Risk Tolerance

Tailored Risk Levels

Tailor custom risk categorizations to your firm's unique perspectives. With editable default categories, you can define parameters for assessing Risk Tolerance, ensuring compliance and further personalizing the risk assessment process.

VRGL Risk Tolerance

Benchmark Portfolio Assignment

Assign benchmark portfolios and investment strategies to different Risk Levels and utilize VRGL's Risk analytics to identify strengths and weaknesses of the current portfolio and propose a more appropriate portfolio strategy.

VRGL Statement Aggregation


Key Statement Aggregation Features

VRGL Statement Extraction

Automated Statement Extraction

Using proprietary technology, VRGL extracts all holdings, transactions, market values, realized and unrealized gains/losses, and fees from client portfolios, either through paper or electronic PDF statements or direct wealth management integrations.

VRGL Aggregation

Account Aggregation

VRGL empowers you to holistically view your prospect's or client's current investment world by aggregating accounts from different service providers, and the option to include or exclude accounts based on prospect and client situations and life changes.

VRGL Statement Extraction

Holdings Entry & Export

VRGL provides the option to enter holdings directly and/or export holdings data for upload into external upstream and downstream systems.

"Before VRGL I spent too much time manually inputting data to calculate returns, fees, tax drag, etc. to evaluate prospective client accounts. VRGL has been a game-changer because it automates the whole process!"

Michael Mustian

WiseWay Advisors, LLC.

"VRGL's analytics, data extraction, and features, paired with an attentive team, aid in creating a unique experience that saves our firm time when preparing financial data for our clients and prospects."

Sophia Tronolone

4Wealth Financial Group